Funeral Order Of Service Printing

  1. You can make it child-friendly
  2. Share the food your loved one enjoyed
  3. Revisit your loved one’s special place
  4. Watch their favourite film or listen to their favourite songs
  5. Support a charity that was close to their heart
  6. Light candles in their memory
  7. Virtual remembrance event
  8. Organize a picnic
  9. Send our bookmarks and memorial cards
  10. Look through old photos and videos

What is a memorial event?

A memorial event is a very informal gathering of individuals who have been impacted by the loss of a friend, relative, or co-worker, during which everyone may reflect on the person’s life, possibly in a special location or while engaging in a meaningful activity. You can organize any event in any way you want to, there is no formal or set structure to organize a memorial event.

When a loved one passes away, the funeral order of service provides you the chance to say goodbye right immediately. Memorial events, however, happen later. You could choose to honour the person in a more casual manner by planning a memorial ceremony a few weeks or months following the loss of someone close to you, when your grief is less acute.

A memorial event can be as long as you choose, unlike funerals, which typically take between half n hour to an hour. You can choose to organize a one-time event or make it an annual tradition. A memorial service may be held annually on a loved one’s birthday or another memorable occasion for some individuals as a kind of comfort. Favourite memories are shared, and new ones are created, making them soothing and joyful events.

1. You can make it child-friendly:

Memorial ceremonies are more “child-friendly” than funerals because of their happier atmosphere. You can make the kids participate more in the event and cherish their loved ones.

2. Share the food your loved one enjoyed:

Let the menu be inspired by your loved one’s favourite dishes. Share the joy of kind of food made them happy and enjoy the day with the family and friends.

Consider having a similar special memorial lunch at the deceased’s favourite restaurant.

The discussion is certain to flow with delicious food and good company. Soon, you’ll be telling each other stories about your loved one. There will be laughter and tears, and by the time dessert is served, everyone will feel closer to one other and to the spirit of the deceased.

Memorial event
Remembrance event

3. Revisit your loved one’s special place:

Perhaps your loved one had a special place they cherished a lot or made them happy. You can organize a small get-together with the family and friends in their memory and share stories about them.

4. Watch their favourite film or listen to their favourite songs:

Maybe your lost loved one loved watching movies or enjoyed songs. Family and friends can watch some of the deceased’s favourite movies and then watch a slideshow of their priceless old photos. You can also rent an outdoor film experience for your garden or lawn.

You can organize a karaoke night and sing the deceased’s favourite songs and dance.

Memorial event

5. Support a charity that was close to their heart:

You can keep memories of your loved one alive by donating to a cause that they supported. You can organize a charity event or even set up something online. It is a great way to remember someone through their work.

6. Light candles in their memory:

A simple gesture to honour a loved one who has passed away is to light a candle in their honour. Give each person a candle to light during a meaningful part of the event, or use one as the centrepiece up front.

7. Virtual remembrance event:

Livestreaming a memorial event is possible in a variety of ways nowadays. Many communication tools, like Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, and Zoom, are free to use.

All you’ll need for a simple stream is a smartphone, an internet connection, and perhaps a tripod to keep the video steady. Once you’ve done so, simply post the stream’s link on social media or on the memorial website.

8. Organize a picnic:

A picnic might also be a great way to remember your loved ones. Being in an open area, fresh air and nice view might bring back all the memories of the deceased and allows you to share their memories with friends and family. You can release some helium balloons in the air as well.

9. Send our bookmarks and memorial cards:

You can also mail memorial bookmarks or memorial cards to your loved ones who are far. It will help them to remember your loved ones and allow you to share the memorial event with your friends and family.

10. Look through old photos and videos:

You can gather all your family and friends and go through the photos and videos of your lost loved ones. Everyone can share their special photos and videos of them they have and share the memories and recreate new ones.

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