Creating a funeral program template is very simple and straightforward with Create from over 100 free funeral program templates to design funeral order of service in few minutes.

How to design a funeral program?

Begin with our funeral program template:

Take inspiration to start your design and format. We guarantee you never have to start from scratch with our website, which gives you access to thousands of expertly designed templates. Whether you’re looking for a particular format, design, illustration, mood, or colour, you’ll find plenty of new ideas on our the funeral program site. Once you’ve chosen a funeral order of service template to work with, click and open our online design tool to customise.

Customise funeral template:

Customise funeral template that works for you. You can also customise the text and font to fit your preferences. Replace the images with your own loved ones photos and select from 100’s of cliparts and illustrations from our online editor tool.

Save your design:

Once you are done designing a funeral program, you can easily save the design and come back later to edit it. Once you are done, you can simply place the order for printing and it will get delivered to your doorstep.

How do you write a funeral program?

Writing a funeral order program can be an intensely personal and meaningful experience. Here’s a basic outline to get you started:

Cover Page:

A photograph of the deceased (optional).
Full Name of the Deceased
Date of birth and passing away
Date and place of service

Inside funeral program:

Opening words
Hymns, songs or music
Readings or poems
Eulogy or tribute
Reflection or moment of silence
Committal or Final Farewell
Closing thoughts and prayers

Back Page

Additional photos
Details of woke (If any)

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