What is the purpose of the funeral memorial board?

The funeral memorial board is a visual tribute that honours the life of our loved one. It displays photographs, mementos, and memories, allowing us to commemorate and honour them.

What is a funeral memorial board?

A funeral memory board, also known as a memory collage or memory display, is a visual tribute made to honour the deceased’s life at a funeral or memorial service. It usually consists of a large board or display area with photos and mementos arranged to commemorate significant moments, relationships, and achievements of the deceased.

Where Do You Place a Funeral Memory Board?

A funeral memory board is usually placed in a prominent location at the funeral or memorial service venue, where attendees can see it. Common locations include the venue’s entrance or foyer, the chapel or ceremony space, and a designated reception area. Placing the memory board in a prominent location makes it a focal point of remembrance, allowing mourners to interact with the tribute as they gather to honour the deceased.

Creating funeral memory board

Making a meaningful funeral memory board requires careful planning and attention to detail. Here are some steps for creating a heartfelt memory board:

Gather Materials

Gather photos, mementos, and memorabilia about the deceased’s life, including childhood, family, hobbies, achievements, and significant events.

Choose a display board size:

Choose the size of the funeral memorial board from A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0.

Layout the photos and text:

Lay out the photos and memorabilia on the display surface, trying out different arrangements until you find one that visually tells the story of the deceased’s life. Consider arranging photos in a theme or chronological order.

Printing funeral memorial board

We offer printed memorial foamex board. Our printed memorial boards are beautifully presented, so they will have a tidy and lovely appearance whether you choose one or more photos. Learn more about our boards by clicking here.

Funeral printing stationery:

We also offer other funeral printing like funeral order of service, funeral memorial cards, funeral bookmarks, and funeral share a memory card.

Free funeral memorial board template
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