Below are the funeral order of service examples:

What is the information required to create a funeral order of service?

Name of Deceased

Date of Birth

Date when they passed

Funeral Location (If known)

Date & Time of Funeral (If known)

Entrance Music

Poems or readings (If any)

Exit Music


Acknowledgment and donations

The details provided serve as a reference, offering flexibility in customizing each order of service according to individual preferences. Customization options range from adjusting the amount of information to incorporating additional photos, using specific illustrations, objects, and themes. Take a moment to explore the following funeral order of service examples, which aim to inspire and assist you in determining the elements you wish to include to honour your loved one.

What should you include in a funeral program order of service?

Front Page:

The cover of the booklet should display a photo of the departed individual, along with their name and dates of life (date of birth and date of death). Typically, essential details of the funeral service, such as the location, date, and time, are included on this page.

Inside Pages:

Inside the booklet, you can add a detailed outline of the funeral service, known as the service programme. This includes elements such as entrance music, welcoming addresses, readings, poems, or prayers (attributed to their speakers), musical selections, the committal and blessing, and concluding music. Additionally, there’s room for cherished memories through textual entries and photographs, making it a poignant memento for attendees.

Back Page:

The concluding page of the booklet features a gratitude message from the family along with details about the chosen charity for donations. Information regarding any subsequent gatherings, like a wake, is also provided. Optionally, you can also add a photograph to the back cover.

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