When someone we care about passes away, it’s important to find a way to honour and remember them. Funeral order of service printing are like thoughtful keepsakes that help mourners remember their loved ones.

In this guide, we’ll explore the various features and options available for creating personalized and heartfelt funeral orders of service on our website.

1. Size and Orientation:

Choosing the right size and orientation for your funeral order of service prints sets the tone for the overall design. The A5, in portrait orientation, is commonly used for its classic appeal. Consider the following sizes to fit your preferences:

2. Number of Pages:

The number of pages determines the depth of content and memories you can include in the funeral order of service printing. You can choose from the following options based on the amount of information you’d like to share:

3. Stock and Paper Type:

The paper stock contributes to the overall look and feel of the funeral order of service prints. Select from our stock that resonates with your vision:

We give you paper options that you can choose from. If you want some other paper type, you can email us and we will accommodate your need. Below are the funeral order of service printing paper type options:

4. Special Finishing:

Adding a special finishing touch to the outside front and back covers enhances the visual appeal and durability of the prints. We provide the following lamination options:

5. Artwork Options:

The artwork is at the heart of the funeral order of service prints. Explore various ways to bring your vision to life:

6. Free Online Flip-book Version:

We offer a free online flip-book version of the funeral order of service printing. This digital version allows friends and family who couldn’t attend the service to share in the remembrance from afar.

7. Delivery:

We provide the delivery type that suits your timeline and urgency:

8. Pricing:

The pricing varies based on the quantity, production time, and options chosen. Here’s a snapshot of the pricing for different quantities and production times:

9. Add Custom Quantity:

If your desired quantity isn’t listed, you have the option to add a custom quantity to match your needs precisely.

Creating personalized funeral order of service printing is a heartfelt way to honor and remember the lives of those who have touched our hearts. By incorporating these features and options, you can craft a tribute that reflects the unique essence of the departed and offers solace and connection to those in mourning.

Funeral order of service printing

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