Funeral Order Of Service Printing

Funeral service sheets, also known as funeral programs, funeral orders of service, or funeral leaflets, are distributed to attendees at a funeral or memorial service. These pages often feature information and facts about the deceased, the service order, and personal touches such as images, poems, or religious texts.

What goes on a funeral service sheet?

A typical funeral service sheet can include the following information:

Cover: The name, birthdate, and passing date of the departed are often included on the cover of the service sheet. It may have the deceased’s picture on it.

Order of service: The funeral order of service sheets will detail the funeral’s order of events, including hymns, prayers, readings, and any other elements.

Biography: The life achievements, family history, and other significant information of the departed are summarized in a short biography or obituary on a funeral service sheets.

Poems or Verses: Some funeral service sheets include favourite poems, verses, or quotes that the deceased or their family found meaningful.

Scriptures or Religious Passages: You might find relevant scriptures or passages from the holy book that hold significance for religious services.

Hymns and Songs: The lyrics of hymns and songs that will be sung during the service may be included to encourage participation from attendees.

Acknowledgments and Thanks: A section on the funeral service sheets may be included for the family to express their gratitude for the support and sympathy received during their time of loss.

Photo Collage: In addition to the cover photo, some funeral service sheets include a collage of photographs showcasing different moments from the life of the deceased.

Funeral Home Contact Information: The service sheet often contains the contact information for the funeral home or service provider responsible for taking care of the arrangements.

Contact Information: The service sheet may include contact information for the family or a designated representative in case attendees have questions or wish to express their condolences.

Donations or Memorial Funds: Any memorial funds or suggested charitable donations can also be included on funeral service sheets.

Funeral service sheets

What’s the best way to distribute funeral service sheets?

Distributing funeral service sheets at a funeral or memorial service is a crucial aspect of the event. It ensures that attendees have access to important information and can follow along with the service. Here are some tips on the best way to distribute service sheets:

  1. Assign Responsibility:
    • Designate one or more responsible individuals to handle the distribution of service sheets. This could be a family member, friend, or member of the funeral staff.
  2. Set up a distribution point:
    • Place a table or an area near the entrance of the venue where attendees can easily access the service sheets.
    • Organize the sheets in an orderly manner, ensuring they are easily accessible.
  3. Personalized Approach:
    • If possible, have the person distributing the sheets greet attendees with a warm and empathetic demeanor.
    • Offer a personal word of thanks or condolence to each person receiving a service sheet. This personal touch can be comforting for attendees.
  4. Anticipate Needs:
    • Ensure that you have enough copies of the service sheets to accommodate all expected attendees and a few extra for unexpected guests.
    • Consider having a few ushers or helpers on hand to assist with the distribution, especially for larger services.
  5. Timing:
    • Begin distributing the service sheets before the service starts, ideally as attendees arrive and gather in the waiting area. This allows them to review the content and familiarize themselves with the order of service.
  6. Non-Intrusive Approach:
    • Be respectful of attendees’ emotions and privacy. Offer service sheets discretely and with a gentle demeanor.
    • Avoid rushing or putting pressure on attendees who may not want a service sheet.
  7. Accessibility:
    • Ensure that the distribution area is accessible to all attendees, including those with mobility challenges.
    • Consider using a small table or stand that is easily reachable for everyone.
  8. Recycling or Collection:
    • Consider having a designated area for the collection of service sheets after the service. This ensures that they are gathered and properly disposed of or recycled, if applicable.
  9. Backup Plan:
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