What is a funeral or memorial service program?

A memorial service program, also known as a funeral brochure or order of service, is a printed document that outlines the activities of a burial or memorial service. Its purpose is to include important details of the funeral ritual, such as quotes or poems, to honour the person being remembered.

This printed program helps guide friends and family through the funeral service. It can be given to guests as they arrive or placed on seats for easy access during the service.

You can find all our memorial service program templates here. Please follow the link and view all kinds of funeral program templates.

2 types of memorial service programs.

Traditional memorial service program.

Traditional funerals can vary, but they all follow a similar format. But a typical traditional funeral order of service follows the following format:

Non-traditional memorial service program.

A non-religious or non-traditional memorial program service is designed for individuals who prefer a ceremony without religious elements. The ceremony typically includes a welcome, music, personal reflections, a tribute, a moment of silence, readings, a visual tribute, a eulogy, closing remarks, and gatherings after the ceremony.

Non-traditional memorial services provide more flexibility and creativity in honouring and remembering the deceased.

Non-traditional memorials can be held in any location, such as parks, beaches, private homes, or community centres, rather than a funeral home or place of worship.

Some non-traditional memorial services prioritize environmental sustainability by implementing eco-friendly practices such as natural burials, tree plantings, and the use of biodegradable decorations and keepsakes.

Non-traditional memorial service program ideas:

What should I do for a memorial service?

Example of funeral/ memorial program service:

Here is an example of the funeral program:

Front Cover

Inside pages:

Back Cover:

Printing the memorial service program:

Your funeral director can handle the printing of the memorial programs, which can be a convenient option, allowing you to lighten your workload during this challenging time, but it is often expensive.

When creating a personalized funeral program, the ultimate goal is to honour your loved one. Take into account their preferences, family traditions, and cultural influences to craft a program that perfectly reflects their memory.

Consider choosing us for printing funeral orders of service. We offer professional printing services and can assist you in creating a memorial service program.

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