Create a memory board for funeral using our very easy to use design tool and print it with us on 3 mm foam board to honour a loved one’s memory in a personal way.

Here’s a basic outline of how to create a funeral memory board:

Collect Photos and Memories for funeral photo display:

Gather photos and memories of the deceased to include on the memory board, such as significant moments, favourite quotes, or anything else that reflects their life.

Choose a Design Template:

Use our website’s design tool to find an appropriate memory board for funeral template. You may want to choose a design that allows you to have multiple photos to create a poster collage.

Customize the Design:

Add the gathered photos and memories to the memory board to make the template your own. Arrange them in a visually appealing manner, making sure that the layout reflects the deceased’s personality and lifestyle.

Add Text and Graphics:

Include any meaningful quotes, dates, or graphics to enhance the overall design and for celebration of life. Consider using simple fonts and subtle graphics.

Review and Edit:

Give the design a thorough review. Make any required alterations to make sure that everything appears balanced and cohesive.

Memory board for funeral printing:

Once you’ve approved the design, go to our website and place an order to have the funeral memory board printed on foamex board. Provide all necessary specifications, such as size and quantity.

If you are looking for funeral order of service template as well with funeral memory board, please go to our website.

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