A minimalist funeral order of service can represent simplicity and elegance. It allows all the focus to be on the person who has passed away and their life, rather than on the designs and illustrations. It can also be an appropriate design choice, especially for someone who has lived a simple life.

The design features simple, clean lines and a limited colour palette. Minimalistic designs of funeral order of service often include a large photo of the deceased and the use of clean and simple fonts so that it’s easier for people to read and understand. Clear fonts are sometimes very important, especially for old people or those with visual impairments.


Can I use a minimalist funeral order of service design for non-traditional funerals?

Yes, minimalistic funeral order of service template can be used for non-traditional funerals. The simplicity and elegance of the design can be fitting for any type of service, whether it is a traditional funeral or a more non-traditional one.

Can I use some illustrations in a minimalistic funeral order of service design?

Yes, you can use any illustrations in a minimalistic funeral order of service, as long as they are simple, and they serve the purpose of the design. It’s important that the illustrations doesn’t overpower the design.

Can I make my own funeral order of service ?

Yes, our design tool allows you to make your own funeral order of service. You can also customize any of our free order of service funeral template.

Should you have an order of service at a funeral?

An order of service can be an important guide for the attendees at a funeral, and it can provide a sense of structure and continuity. It can also serve as a keepsake for attendees to remember the service and the person who passed away.

Do you provide printing service for funeral order of service?

Yes, we do. We are funeral order of service printing company. We charge for the printing service, but the designs and template for funeral order of service is free.

Funeral order of service free design tool
Funeral order of service free design tool
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