Order of Service for a Funeral

A meaningful order of service for a funeral guides guests through the ceremony while honouring the memories of the departed and offering comfort to those who cannot attend the service due to various reasons. It is a difficult process to plan a funeral, but it also gives you a chance to honour the deceased’s life. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of creating a funeral order of service that properly reflects a life well spent.

Step 1: Gather Essential Information

Begin by gathering important information about the departed, such as their full name, birthdate, and date they passed away, as well as any major relationships or responsibilities they held. This base will give the order of service for a funeral structure and give the attendees some background information.

Step 2: Structure of order of service for a funeral

Consider the general structure of the service. Introduce yourself to create the tone first, then move on to sections that can include:

Opening Remarks:

Express gratitude for attendees and set the purpose of the service.


Share stories and experiences that highlight the person’s character, accomplishments, and values in your eulogy.

Readings and Poems:

Select writings that are relevant to the individual’s life or provide a message of consolation and hope.

Musical Tributes:

Include songs that are meaningful to the deceased or that they enjoyed.

Personal Reflections:

Allow family and friends to share personal memories and thoughts.

Moments of Silence:

Provide time for attendees to reflect and remember.

Closing Remarks:

Offer your final words of appreciation and inspiration.


Finish with a touching gesture or symbolic act, such as burning candles.

Step 3: Personal Touches

Add personalized details to the order of service that showcase the individual’s hobbies, values, and passions. This could be images, artwork, quotes, or even a favourite poem.

Step 3: Attendee Involvement:

Give participants opportunities to participate throughout the program by keeping them informed via the order of service for a funeral. Encourage them to contribute their own thoughts, memories, or readings to develop a sense of togetherness and connection.

Step 6: Design and Presentation:

A well-thought-out order of service for a funeral improves the whole experience. Choose a layout that is clear and easy to read, and use fonts and colours that represent the occasion’s tone.

Step 7: Keep It Simple

While details are important, simplicity can be powerful. Focus on the person’s spirit and the emotions you want to evoke, rather than overwhelming the program with information on order of service for a funeral.

Step 8: Review

Before submitting the order of service for a funeral for printing, carefully review it to ensure accuracy and coherence.

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