A funeral booklet is more than just a collection of hymns and poems; it serves as a tribute to the person who has passed away and a way to remember their life. It’s not just a schedule of events, but a meaningful document that holds value for those who attended the service and even for those who couldn’t be there. Read on to discover what meaningful content can be included in your funeral booklet.

The front cover or front page:

On the front cover, it’s best to keep things simple and clear. You’d typically include basic information about your loved one, like their full name, birthdate, passing date, details of the funeral, and a picture of them. The photo can be old or new and in colour or black and white, depending on your preference.

You might also add a quote to remember them. Remember, the language doesn’t always have to be sad. The order of service is meant to celebrate the life of the person who passed away.

Inside pages:

This section mainly talks about the details of the funeral service. The content inside can be anywhere from a couple of pages to several, and there’s no strict rule about what to include. However, most serve as a guide for the order of events. Every funeral is special, but many modern ones have some or all of the following parts:

You can also add pictures of the person who passed away, as the aim is to remember and share your loved one’s life.

Back cover or back page:

Usually, you’d have a picture of your loved one in this part. If you use an old photo on the front cover, you can use a recent one on the back page. The back cover might also include where any donations will go.

There’s usually a thank-you message from the family and close friends of the person who passed away. If there’s a gathering after the funeral, that information would also go on the back.

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