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British police funeral order of service 099 – Template Design

The “British Police Funeral Order of Service 099” template is a design that offers a respectful and honourable tribute to a member of the British police force.

The cover of this template features significant symbols related to the British police. It also includes the Union Jack, the national flag of the United Kingdom. These symbols pay tribute to the individual’s service and dedication to law enforcement and create a visually meaningful and patriotic design.

Inside, you can add the order of events for the funeral, such as the order of service, the ceremony, readings, the eulogy, hymns, and closing remarks

The template offers personalization options, allowing you to include photographs, text, and quotes that reflect the individual’s service and their personal story within the British police force. This customization feature enables you to create a unique and heartfelt keepsake that celebrates their dedication to upholding the law and the memories associated with their service.