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Military funeral order of service 095 – Template Design

The “Military Funeral Order of Service 095” template is a dignified and respectful design tailored for honouring a member of the British military. The template incorporates iconic symbols representing British military service.

The cover features the prominent British flag, the Union Jack, and the emblem or insignia of the British military. The Union Jack symbolizes the national pride and identity of the United Kingdom, and the military emblem represents the person’s service to their country. The combination of these symbols on the cover creates a visually striking and patriotic design.

Inside, you can add the order of events for the funeral, such as the order of service, the ceremony, readings, the eulogy, hymns, and closing remarks

The template offers personalization options, allowing you to add photographs, text, and quotes that are meaningful and relevant to the life and service of the deceased. This customization feature enables you to create a unique and personalized tribute that reflects the individual’s military service and personal story.