Technology has become a vital part of our lives in the digital age, even extending to how we memorialize and remember our loved ones. The usage of QR codes is an innovative and practical feature that may be implemented into orders of service funerals. Implementing QR codes on funeral order of service booklets becomes an effortless process with Esmee’s user-friendly design tool.

Whether it is modern funeral order of service or traditional funeral order of service, QR codes can be implemented on both types.

Esmee’s online design tool allows individuals to create personalized orders of service funerals booklets with ease and efficiency. With its user-friendly interface, users can navigate through the design process smoothly, selecting templates, customizing content, and now integrating QR codes to enhance the remembrance experience.

Placing QR code in orders of service funerals

When incorporating a QR code into a funeral order of service, there are a few positions where it can be placed:

  1. Back Cover: One common placement for the QR code is on the back cover of the order of service booklet. This allows attendees to easily access and scan the code as they flip through the booklet or as they leave the service.
  2. Inside Cover: Another option is to position the QR code on the inside cover of the order of service booklet. Placing it in inside pages ensures that it is visible right from the start, prompting attendees to scan it early on and engage with any digital content associated with the service.
  3. Dedicated Page: Designating a specific page within the order of service booklet for the QR code is also a practical option. This can be done as a standalone page or as part of a section that includes instructions for scanning and accessing digital content.
  4. Donation Page: If your order of service booklet includes an informational page about the donations, you can include the QR code there.
  5. Photo or Memorial Page: If you have a dedicated page within the order of service booklet that showcases photos or serves as a memorial, placing the QR code nearby or even within the layout can provide an opportunity for attendees to access additional digital content related to the photos or the individual being remembered.

Regardless of the position you choose, it is essential to ensure that the QR code is clear and easily scannable. Accompanying it with a short instruction, such as “Scan here for more memories and tributes,” helps guide attendees and encourages them to engage with the digital content associated with the QR code.

Printed orders of service funerals:

With the printed funeral order of service booklets in hand, mourners can simply scan the QR code using their smartphones or tablets, which will redirect them to a designated webpage or online memorial. This digital integration provides an opportunity to share additional content, such as photo galleries, videos, tributes, or interactive memorial pages, further enhancing the remembrance and celebration of the departed.

Why include QR codes in orders of service for funerals?


QR codes are becoming increasingly popular in our daily lives. Because many people are familiar with their purpose and how to use them, attendees will find it easier to understand and interact with QR codes on funeral order of service booklets.


QR code scanning can be performed with a smartphone, which is commonly carried by the majority of attendees. These gadgets frequently include built-in QR code scanning capabilities or widely available scanning programmes, making scanning the QR code straightforward and accessible for attendees.

No need for manual typing:

Scanning a QR code is a quick and near-instant process. Attendees may open their scanning app, aim their device’s camera at the QR code, and the content linked with the code will appear on their screen immediately. This eliminates the need for manual entering or typing of website addresses or other information, resulting in a more seamless and efficient experience.

Where to generate QR code in the design tool?

Step 1: Go to design tool

Step 2: Go to “Elements on left-hand side

Step 3: Choose “Bar/ QR code” option

Step 4: Insert your website URL

Step 5: “Choose your option to “create QR code”

You can change the colour and size of the QR code if you want to.

Orders of service funerals
Orders of service funerals

Nowadays, there are so many apps and software programs available for generating QR codes, for example QR code generator.

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