Funeral Order Of Service Printing

No two orders of service are alike. But they all have some basic information in common.
So, to get you started, we’ve created a funeral order of service outline.

Front cover 

The front cover of a funeral order of service does not require much – only the necessities.
They are as follows:

The deceased’s full name (and maybe their nickname, if it was used a lot).
A nice photograph  

When they were born and the date they passed on.
for example 7/11/1955 ~ 8/01/2022.

Optional A quote or short line of text e.g
Forever in our hearts

The funeral service’s date, time, and location

Schedule for the funeral day

The first few inside pages of the funeral order of service are devoted to a day’s schedule. This informs the guests of what to expect. These pages will typically include:

As the coffin is brought in and guests gather, the entrance music is played (you may like to say what the song is)
Introduction by the person in charge of the service
During the service, songs and hymns were played (with lyrics, if you like)
Book passages, poems, and scriptures read during the service, as well as the name of the family member or friend who is doing the reading
Assurance and blessing (the committal is when the coffin is taken away to be cremated or buried, and the blessing is a call for reflection or prayer).
Closing music.

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