A funeral order of service is a printed document that serves as a guide to the ceremony. It typically contains information about the deceased person, often accompanied by photographs, and outlines the sequence of events during the service to assist attendees in participating.

These booklets are usually A5 in size and can have up to 20 pages or more, distributed to all those present at the funeral.

However, customization options allow you to choose the size, length, content, and layout, allowing you to create a unique or traditional order of service based on your preferences.

What information is typically incorporated into an order of service?

Front cover:

The front cover usually contains a photo, their birthdate, and the date they passed away. You can also include the location, time, and date of the funeral.
The photograph usually depicts the deceased person appearing joyful or smiling. The order of service includes their complete name, along with the dates of birth and death. You can also create the front cover with the theme, for example, their hobbies, their work, their favourite pet, etc.

Middle pages:

The order of service includes a sequential listing of speeches, prayers, readings, music, and other activities. You can also add other photos of the deceased with their friends and families.

Back page
On the back page, acknowledgments are extended to the attendees, those who played a role in organizing the funeral service, and those who provided care to the deceased individual. Details regarding how to contribute donations to a designated charity are also included. This may involve providing a website address or utilizing a QR code for convenience. Additionally, information about the post-service arrangements is provided.

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