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Funeral Order Of Service Template

Get your free funeral order of service templates online. These templates can be customized to create a unique and personalized funeral order of service document.

We specialize in funeral-related products and services and offer a variety of free funeral order of service templates that you can use.

Once you have selected a free funeral order of service templates, you can customize it to suit your needs. This may involve adding the details of the deceased and the funeral service, as well as choosing the songs, readings, and other elements that will be included in the order of service.

These Funeral templates can be a useful and cost-effective way to create a professional-looking order of service.

To View examples or make your own funeral order of service, please choose from one of the free funeral templates below to get started, if would you like to see a guide of what text and content to put into your booklets please check out our funeral order of service guide

When you are ready for your funeral order of service printing we have lots of options to choose from, all with free U.K delivery

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Printed Funeral Stationery Templates :

General Questions

How many pages can I design using your template

We offer 4 – 20-page templates depending on how much content you would like to put on your order of service and what kind of booklet you would like

Can you print my design?

Yes, we can print your design and deliver it next day for you with free U.K Delivery

Can you design it for me?

Yes we can do the whole design for you free of charge you only pay for the printing, you can choose the design it for me option and once we have your content we will have your design ready within 24 hours

Will you check my design artwork before printing

Yes all orders come with free artwork checking, we will ensure alignments, spacing and your artwork all looks great before any printing and will send a proof for you too check before we make any changes

Do you offer an online flip book preview?

Yes, you can see this on our order of service design tool and when you place your order we will send you a link to your finished online funeral order of service design

What kind of order of services templates do you have?

we have a wide range of designs covering most categories like modern, simple, religious, Christian, Humanist, floral, minimalist and more

I can't find any Designs I like

Please see the request a template section, we will gladly create a template based on your requirements within 24 hours free of charge

Can I choose different paper options when I print

Yes, we offer a wide range of high quality paper and card options from cream/ivory, uncoated, recycled with different thickness and finishes you can choose from

How to make your own funeral order of service from our templates

We offer free funeral order of service templates at “Order of service for funeral”. To set the tone for your loved one’s funeral and make sure that the event runs well, you can pick one of our expertly prepared free funeral order of service templates. Our expert in-house graphic designer have put together their hard work to provide you with easy editable designs. We provide a variety of completely customizable designs that are available for free download to provide a special and appropriate memorial for your loved one which they deserve. Additionally, each booklet serves as a memento for those who attends the service and also for those who are unable to attend in person.

As you can see in our website, a variety of templates template for funeral order of service are available to fit any kind of service. From the unconventional and outspoken to the more refined and traditional. All the texts, background, colour, font sizes, font style, photographs and all the things in the design are completely customizable. Furthermore, there are plenty of designs that might suit your loved one’s hobby or personality.

Each template funeral order of service comes with a front and back cover, as well as many page layout options which provides you with enough room to incorporate all the details, recollections, and stories that you see appropriate. You just need to add your own photos and text when editing the design. We are aware that this is a very delicate period, and the designing may not be one you have done before. In order to assist you with writing your order of service, we have written a blog post about it. Please click the link to read the guide.

Why use our design tool and templates?

We understand that organizing a funeral is a hard work, especially when you’re mourning. That’s why we want to make the process of ordering the funeral order of service easier for you. 

With our design, tool, you can design something unique and unforgettable without spending a dime for designing or getting a template. The entire process takes place on your computer, so you can control the design from home or work.

On top of that, We provide free funeral order of service template order of service funeral which is easy to customize.


How many pages is a funeral order of service?

We offer 4 to 20 pages option, so depending on how long your details and text is going to be, you can choose any page options.

Also, if you have any additional room, you can insert more images that fully capture the life of the departed.

Which paper should I choose for order of service?

The type of paper you select might depend on the layout of your booklet. Lightweight paper might help keep your expenses down and does the job, but the quality is not great and might not last longer. On the other hand, a booklet with a higher paper weight will last longer and have a better quality. 

You could choose between 200 GSM paper stock or 300 GSM paper stock on our website.

Not only we offer free funeral order of service template, our prices to print your design on high quality paper is also reasonable.


What should the size of my order of service be?

The popular size for printing order of service is A5, but you might select anything from a folded A4, A5 or A6 booklet.

What are the design tips for a good funeral order of service?

– Maintain an easy-to-read and clean design.

– Use clean fonts so that the elderly can also read it easily.

– Use high-resolution photos, otherwise, the pictures will come out blurry when printed.

– Select a single style. Avoid using different style in different pages.

Our free funeral order of service templates serves the purpose of making your order of service look clean and readable.


Printing funeral order of service

After you’ve selected your free funeral order of service template and edited it with your photos and text, you can place your order with us. Once we’ve received your order, we’ll check if everything is OK, and we’ll send you the design via email and ask for the confirmation. After that, we’ll send it to the production team to get it printed. 

Please note: We are not responsible for any spelling mistakes and grammar issues, because we print whatever text is given to us for printing. We can only check the design issues, like if the text is not aligned, if the design is out of the bleed line or the font colour issues. So, we request you to always check the spelling and grammar before giving the confirmation to print because once the design is printed, we cannot change it.

Why choose us?


      • Our online free designing tool allows you to design unique free funeral order of service template according to your preferences without needing any prior knowledge or experience. We are here to assist you with your funeral order of service designs.

      • We understand it is necessary to have a peace of mind at such a difficult moment. After devoting your time and effort to creating the order of service, you must have your confidence that it will arrive on time. “Order of service for funerals” guarantees that you’ll receive your order on time. On top of that, we charge no fee on shipping, it is absolutely free.

      • Our prices are reasonable than other funeral stationery.

    Template funeral order of service

    We have 100’s of order of service templates for you to use free of charge, simply choose the design style that you like and start editing the text, colours, fonts and photos, to see how your funeral program will look please use our preview feature on the top right of our funeral service design tool, this will then generate a booklet preview, so you can see exactly how it will be once its printed, before you order be sure to double-check any spelling, grammar dates and times.

    If you would rather an expert create your order of service either using a template or from scratch, or maybe you have an example from somewhere else, like vista print or canva, we will be happy to assist you on this, please use our live chat box and get in touch, so

    This guide will help you to edit a ready-made funeral template for the order of service

    Total Time: 45 minutes

    Choose the design style you like

    We have 100's of designs to choose from, if you cannot find one you can always request our free template service or opt for our design it for you where you give the content let us know which design you like, and we will create it all for you

    Get your content ready

    Now you know which design you will be using, the next step would be to get all your content ready, so you can easily start populating the order of service template with photos of your loved one, poems, hymns and any other content you would like.

    Start editing your chosen template

    You can now use our specific funeral order of service template online design tool, here you can add as much text and image you can fit, if you need to change product options like the number of pages you can do this too, you can also preview using our flip book preview, so you can ensure your edited template will look exactly the same when printed.

    Place your order

    Once you are ready, simple press the process button in the top right corner to start ordering your completed funeral template design, and we will then check your artwork for any issues we can spot and send it to start the printing. If you have any questions at any time, we are always on live chat to assist you in any way we can

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    Materials: Printed on Thick Card

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