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The order of service books is specifically designed for use at a funeral or memorial service. It typically includes information about the deceased person, such as their name, dates of birth and death, and a brief biography. It may also include details about the funeral or memorial service itself, such as the location, time, and any special instructions for attendees. The order of service for the funeral itself may include readings, music, prayers, and other elements, depending on the preferences of the deceased person and their loved ones. Funeral order of service books can be personalized to reflect the life and personality of the deceased person and can serve as a meaningful keepsake for those who attend the service.

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Paper Thickeness

170 gsm paper, 300 gsm card

Paper Type

Silk, Gloss, Uncoated, Ivory / Cream, Recycled

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Yes, you can choose to laminate your bookmarks, we offer 3 types of lamination at no extra cost to add that extra layer of protection and great feel.

  1. Matt Lamination – A standard matt lamination that is smooth to the touch
  2. Gloss Lamination – A Glossy lamination, great when using vibrate colours
  3. Velvet Lamination – A premium luxury super smooth lamination

Our memorial bookmarks are laminated after being printed, ensuring super high quality and making them last longer.

Yes, you can match the memorial bookmarks with other funeral stationery.

Yes, we offer free memorial bookmark templates which can be easily customizable in our free easy to use design tool.

Memorial bookmarks are long and narrow printed cards which are distributed during funerals or memorial events in remembrance of a loved one.

They usually have the deceased’s name, their date of birth and the date they passed away, a picture, and a prayer, scripture, or inspirational phrase printed.

You can include your loved one’s personal detail like their full name, date of birth and the date they passed away, their photographs and some meaningful quote.

Memorial bookmarks are popular choices on funerals because the guests may easily tuck one of them into a book and be reminded of the recollections of your loved one. 

They are very easy to get and inexpensive gifts, and it’s nice when the guest don’t leave empty-handed from the funeral service.

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