What is a funeral order of service?

Funeral order of service is a printed booklet that serves as a comprehensive guide to the funeral ceremony or service. This booklet typically contains relevant information about the deceased individual, often including photographs, and it outlines the sequence of events and proceedings during the service.

Its purpose is to facilitate active participation of attendees by providing them with necessary information.

All attendees at the funeral receive copies of the orders of service, which are typically printed in A5 format and have up to 20 pages.

However, it can be completely customized in terms of its size, length, content, and layout, enabling a traditional or personalized approach depending on personal preferences.

What should be included in a funeral order of service?

Specific details may vary based on cultural or religious practices in funeral order of service booklets. Here are several common components that can be included in a typical funeral order of service:

  1. The cover page should feature the name of the deceased, their dates of birth and death, and a relevant image or symbol.
  2. Introduction and welcome message to set the tone for the service and express gratitude to attendees for their presence.
  3. Clearly outline the order of service and proceedings during the funeral service, including any hymns, prayers, readings, or tributes. Use headings and subheadings to organize the information.
  4. Eulogy or Tribute
  5. Reflection or Silent Moment
  6. Committal or Farewell
  7. Closing Remarks
  8. Obituary or Biography
  9. If there will be a post-service procession, provide instructions on the order in which attendees should leave the venue or follow designated vehicles.
  10. Include the contact details of the funeral home, the family, or any designated points of contact for attendees who may require further assistance or wish to extend condolences.

Funeral order of service
Funeral order of service

Funeral order of service designs

Some order of service templates for funeral aim to capture the essence of the individual’s life and provide attendees with a thoughtful guide to the funeral celebration of life.

Some of the designs ideas are:

  1. Simple and Elegant Design
  2. Custom Illustrations
  3. Photo Collage
  4. Thematic Elements
  5. Meaningful Quotes
  6. Nature-Inspired Design
  7. Personalized Covers
  8. Cultural or Religious Influences

Simple and Elegant Design

A minimalist approach can convey a sense of grace and tranquillity. Opt for clean lines, subdued colour schemes, and minimal embellishments. This design style allows the focus to remain on the content and the memories being shared.

Minimalistic funeral order of service
Minimalistic funeral order of service

Custom Illustrations

You can include some illustrations that can be integrated throughout the funeral order of service, offering a unique and heartfelt touch.

Photo collage

Gather the photos of the person’s life’s progression and put them together in a pleasing collage to showcase the person’s journey while preserving memories.

Thematic Elements

 Incorporate a theme that was significant to the deceased. It could be a favourite flower, a hobby, or a cherished place. Use relevant symbols, patterns, or motifs to infuse the order of service with a personal touch.

Meaningful Quotes

Choose moving quotes that reflect the deceased’s life and ideals. Include these quotes prominently in the design so that they can encourage and comfort individuals in attendance.

Nature-Inspired Design

Design that draws inspiration from the natural world, incorporating elements like leaves, birds, or landscapes, can symbolize the cycle of life and provide a sense of serenity and connection to nature.

Personalized Covers

Craft a cover page that showcases a favourite photograph of the deceased, paired with their name and dates of birth and the date they passed away. This personalized touch adds a heartfelt and intimate element to the funeral order of service.

Cultural or Religious Influences

You can tailor the design to reflect the cultural or religious background of the departed. Incorporate symbols, patterns, or colours that hold special significance in their tradition.

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