Funeral Order Of Service Printing

12 Page Funeral Order of Service

A 12-page funeral order of service is a document that outlines the sequence of events, readings, prayers, and other details of a funeral or memorial service. It is usually distributed to mourners as they arrive at the service and serves as a guide to help them follow the proceedings.

A typical 12-page order of service might include the following elements: #

  • Cover page with a photo of the deceased and basic information such as their name and dates of birth and death
  • A welcome message or introduction from the officiant
  • The order of events, including the opening words, any musical performances, eulogies, readings, and closing words
  • Biographical information about the deceased, such as their life story or significant achievements
  • Poems or other literary works that were meaningful to the deceased or their loved ones
  • Prayers or religious rituals that are appropriate for the deceased’s faith or cultural traditions
  • Photographs or other tributes, such as messages from loved ones or remembrances of special moments Information about any charitable organizations that mourners can donate to in the deceased’s memory
  • Contact information for the funeral home or other organizations involved in the service

Why choose 12 page funeral order of service? #

A 12-page funeral order of service may be preferable to other lengths in some cases because it allows for more space to include additional details, such as an extended obituary, photos, or tributes to the deceased.

Multiple readings, poems, or musical performances can also be accommodated by a longer order of service. Furthermore, if the funeral service incorporates multiple religious or cultural traditions, a 12-page order of service may be required to provide clear guidance and explanation of each component of the service.

The ideal length of a funeral order of service will be determined by the family’s and mourners’ specific circumstances and preferences.

12 page funeral order of service example #

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