How can I choose appropriate readings, poems, or quotes for the funeral order of service booklet?

When selecting appropriate readings, poems, or quotes for the funeral order of service booklet, consider the following about the deceased:

  1. Consider the deceased personality, interests, activities, and beliefs: What were their favourite poems, readings, or quotes? Did they have any religious or spiritual views that could help you decide? Choosing content that represents their values and preferences might make the booklet more valuable.
  2. Request input from the deceased’s family: Consider the deceased’s family to obtain their views and preferences. They may have certain readings, poetry, or phrases in mind for the booklet. Consider their wishes and incorporate content that is relevant to them and their loved one’s remembrance.
  3. Do some research: Look for readings, poems, or quotes appropriate for funerals in various sources such as books, online resources, or magazines. Consider several styles, themes, and genres that may be relevant to the deceased person and their family.
  4. Think about the tone and message: Consider the tone and message of the readings, poetry, or quotes. Are they appropriate at a funeral? Are they uplifting, reassuring, introspective, or inspiring? Make sure the content complements the general mood and purpose of the funeral.

Choosing appropriate readings, poetry, or quotes for a funeral order of service booklet requires careful consideration of the deceased, the audience, and the tone and message you wish to express. It is important to respect the family’s desires and ensure that everything reflects the deceased’s memories and values.