Funeral Order Of Service Printing

What do you put on the back of a funeral order of service?

The back of a funeral program is a special page that contains important information. You can put anything you want to on the back of a funeral order of service, or just leave it black. I depend on the choice of family.

Most of the people put the following on the back page of the order of service for funeral.

  1. A message of appreciation, to thank to everyone who showed love and support and to those who helped organize the funeral.
  2. A photo of the loved one who passed away. It can be their latest picture, old picture, or a picture of them with their family.
  3. Information about donating to a charity.
  4. Details about where and when there will be a reception or gathering after the service (if any).

People also sometimes add

  1. Information about the funeral home.
  2. A short biography or story about the person who passed away.

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