8 Page Funeral Order of Service

A funeral order of service booklet includes a schedule of the ceremony and can be distributed to mourners as they arrive or mailed to those who are unable to attend. The order of service includes hymns, music, poems, readings, images, or anything else you want to add to create a one-of-a-kind tribute to your loved one’s life.

The amount of pages in a funeral order of service booklet might vary depending on personal taste and needs. An 8-page booklet allows you to include more images and words to honour your loved one’s life.

Why choose 8 page funeral order of service? #

A four page order of service for the funeral may be insufficient to contain all the key parts of the service, leaving mourners confused or unprepared. And if 12 page is too much, then the best option is to use 8 page funeral order of service.

With an 8 page order of service for funeral, you can include all the important aspects like the order of events, a list of speakers, and any readings or prayers while still leaving room for personal touches like images or other tributes. It’s important to remember that the order of service’s primary goal is to guide mourners, and an 8 page funeral booklet can strike a nice balance between delivering necessary information while remaining user-friendly.

8 page funeral order of service example #