Funeral Order Of Service Printing

16 Page Funeral order of service

A 16-page funeral order of service allows for even more detailed information and an in-depth exploration of the deceased’s life and legacy. It enables a more elaborate and extensive presentation of the funeral or memorial service.

A typical 16-page order of service includes: #

  • The cover page includes a photo of the deceased as well as important information such as their name, birth and the date they passed away.
  • A heartfelt welcome message or introduction from the officiant, setting the tone for the service.
  • The complete sequence of events, including introductory speeches, musical performances, eulogies, readings, and closing words.
  • A detailed biography or life story part that highlights the deceased’s important milestones, achievements, and significant events.
  • Poems, writings, or passages that carried special value for the departed or their loved ones and served as a source of reflection and inspiration.
  • Prayers, religious rituals, or cultural practises associated with the deceased’s beliefs or heritage.
  • There is plenty of room for images or tributes, allowing for a collection of beloved memories, personal anecdotes, notes from loved ones, or remembrances of significant times.
  • Information on charitable organizations or causes to which mourners might donate in memory of the departed, which promotes acts of compassion and support.
  • Contact information for the funeral home or other organizations involved in planning the service and assisting mourners.
  • Additional sections dedicated to lengthier obituaries, tributes from friends or colleagues, or any other personalized information thought appropriate to honour the life of the departed.

Why choose 16 page funeral order of service? #

Selecting a 16-page funeral order of service can be influenced by various factors and individual preferences. This choice allows for a more extensive coverage of the funeral proceedings, accommodating detailed programs, readings, music choices, and photographs. The extra pages provide ample space for personalization, including additional photos, cherished memories, or a more comprehensive biography, all of which pay tribute to and celebrate the life of the deceased. Moreover, a 16-page booklet facilitates the recognition of multiple contributors, acknowledging the involvement of family members, friends, or religious leaders. Furthermore, it holds greater sentimental value as a keepsake for attendees, serving as a means to remember and reflect on the funeral service and the person who has passed away.

The choice of a 16-page funeral order of service is based on individual needs, honouring the wishes of the deceased, and ensuring comfort and solace for those in attendance.

16 page funeral order of service example #

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