Funeral Order Of Service Printing

What are funeral order of service examples?

The funeral order of service varies depending on cultural and religious customs, as well as personal preferences of the deceased and their family. But the common elements that can be included in funeral order of services are as follows:

  1. Opening remarks: The celebrant expresses a sincere greeting to everyone present and provide a quick overview of the service.
  2. Opening music: At the start of the service, music, a hymn, or song may be played or sung.
  3. Readings: To offer comfort and reflection, selected religious or secular texts, poems, or other readings may be included.
  4. Eulogy: An eulogy is a speech or written tribute that honours the deceased’s life and achievements. It can be given by a family member, a friend, or the celebrant.
  5. Prayers: Prayers or blessings might be included in religious services, while non-religious services may include a moment of silence or thought.
  6. Committal: The committal is the ceremony in which the deceased’s body or ashes are laid to rest buried, cremates or scattered.
  7. Closing remarks: The officiant may provide closing statements, comforting words, or a final blessing.
  8. Closing music: At the end of the service, a song or piece of music may be played or sung.
  9. Reception or woke: Following the service, a gathering may be held so that attendees can express their condolences and support to the family.

It is important to keep in mind that the funeral order of service can be modified to match the deceased’s and their family’s preferences. Some families, for example, may include a slideshow of images or a video tribute during the service, or they may have attendees participate in a ceremonial act such as lighting candles or arranging flowers.

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